This past Saturday, 9/26, Combat at the Space was kickboxing and MMA at its best. This was a HUGE and successful event. Three ISK champions were crowned. Everyone on the card fought with great spirit and talent. It was an action packed night with highlights consisting of kickboxing, punching, kneeing and ground and pound. There was not an empty seat to be found. The venue said they never had a crowd that size in any sporting or entertainment events.

I want to thank the sell out crowd that continues to support these events, the great camps that participated (they’re some of the best camps on the circuit today), and the fighters. Regardless of the outcome they showed great talent in their skills and martial arts abilities. I also want to thank my staff, Leo Rodgriguez (Executive of the ISK and his great staff). If you miss the event, you can watch it on My next event at the Space will be December 10th (kickboxing and MMA). Followed by Madison Square Garden in February.

Any interested fighters, contact me ASAP to get a spot on the December 10 event.

See results and images below!

1 KB
Bryan Guerrero
Matthew McAuley Unanimous

Nicolas Moncada
Marcus Reid RNC round 1

3 KB
Jennifer Hlubik
Natasha Lubo TKO RNd2

4 KB
Vincent Gallicchio
Vamir Emile TKO RNd2

5 KB
Joseph Devizio
Zachary Siemasko Unanimous

6 KB
Meredith Glynn
Ann Serra Split

7 KB
Anthony Vivas
Everton Champagnie Unanimous

Kenyon Crawford
Austin Halik Unanimous

9 KB
Micah Miller
Gut Jean Baptiste Unanimous

10 MMA
Rogers Ramirez Unanimous
Don Carim, Jr.

11 MMA
Andrew Schilling
Juan Guevara Triangle round 2

12 KB
Dominant Ward
Andrew Ball Unanimous

13 KB
Florian Bour
Brian Parpan TKO Round 3

14 MMA
DeJon Farrell-Francis Split decision
Michael Curiel

15 KB
Edward Holley Jr.
Gilbert Rosario Split decision

16 KB
Aaron Brito
Iskandar Mirzaev TKO Round 2

17 KB
Kashif Lyle
Ryan Sipavicius KO Round 2

NOTE: Thomas Smyth exhibition bout (winner by points).