Undisputed championship result 4 last Man Standing , Cairo

Undisputed championship result 4
last Man Standing , Cairo

Be part of the tournament
140 players I love
(Kickboxing) Number of clubs participating 15 plus clubs and academies
– The rock academy about it Mr. Hossam Jaballah
– Master Box Academy, by Ehab Ashraf
– Aldib Academy, it is K/Dib
– Nitro Academy by Mr. Ahmed Duma
– The Wolf Warrior Academy, by Mr. Ahmed Ezzaddin Mohammed
– Houfi Academy as / King of Houfi
Boxing House Academy presented by / Mohamed Atef
– Captain Academy is an academician by Mr. Abdel Moneim Tawfiq
– Al-Shimi Academy from Mr. Mohamed Al-Shimi
– Fighters Academy, an academy dedicated to / Mohamed Mamdouh
Arab Kings Academy, by Mr. Ibrahim Saber
– Black Belt Academy by / Mahmoud Younes
– Al-Ahmadi Academy from Mr. Ahmed Nasr
Knockout academy by Mr. Mustafa Mohamed
– Al-Jawhari Academy, about it by / Ahmed Al-Jawhry
Managing Team of the Executive Office:
Ticket Manager and Stamps / Jihad Mahmoud
Complaints, objections and suggestions manager / Moataz Mohammed Al-Azizi
Supervisor of the first interior hall / Mazen Raza
Second indoor hall / Omar Shoaib
Third Interior Hall Supervisor / Mohamed Bandak
Fourth Interior Hall Supervisor / Mohamed Youssef
Interior hall supervisor fifth / Hossam Jaballah
Interior Hall Supervisor Six / Youssef Anwar
Supervisor of the 7th Interior Hall / Salma Mohamed

Captain / Omar Moataz
Captain/ Essam Al-Dosouky
Captain Ahmed Al-Jawhari

First photographer / Moatasem Muhammad
Second photographer / Abdul Rahman
Director of the executive office in Cairo and member of the Supreme Committee K / Ahmed Aldib.

Supervision of the Director of General Control, Mr. Ahmed Shalaby
Sincere thanks and appreciation to the gentlemen who participated in this unique and special event
Greetings to Hamada Abdul Ghani ISKA Egypt