UFT is organizing Seminar for Kickboxing Referees and Judges

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UFT is organizing Seminar for Kickboxing Referees and Judges. The seminar is open to anyone wishing to become UFT Certified Referees, coaches wishing to learn the rules, athletes wishing to learn how to score fights or anyone wishing to learn all the information about Glory and K-1 rules and regulations right from the mouth of the famous referee the international PAUL NICHOLLS Exam passers will receive UFT Card for Referees and Staff with annual visa for the year 2024 The seminar has a fee of 1250 lei / person. Registrations can be made at 0740358127 (Sebastian Haidu). The seminar will be organized over two days, covering both theoretical and practical elements of dynamics relating to refereeing and judge’s scoring criteria, based on the unified kickboxing rules used by Glory and official K-1 rules. The seminar will be presented by Paul Nicholls, international kickboxing referee and ISKA European Director for Rules, Regulations and Regulations. The event will take place on January 20-21, 2024 in Cluj-Napoca.