Martial Arts Enthusiasts Gather for Talent Showcase in Malaysia

In this martial arts exchange competition, martial arts enthusiasts from different ethnic groups and schools gathered together to showcase their talents and skills. The competition attracted about 400 participants, with events including taekwondo, traditional martial arts, Wushu, Indian martial arts, sanda, tai chi, pushhands, and safety weapon matches, totaling over 600 competitions.

The success of this competition demonstrated the unity and harmony across ethnic groups and schools in Malaysia, and provided an opportunity for these martial arts enthusiasts to learn from and exchange with each other, promoting the development of Malaysia’s martial arts culture.

In addition, Smart Studio, representing Segamat, performed well in the 2022 National Sanda Championships, winning two silver medals and becoming a shining example for Johor. Currently, the studio is committed to cultivating and promoting martial arts athletes, representing the Muar martial arts routines, sanda, and taekwondo players. If you are interested in and appreciate martial arts, you can consider joining the martial arts and sanda teams.

= Contacts =

Wushu Team:
01127869552 (Mr. Chye)

Sanda/Safety Weapons:
0197703913 (Max)

Kids Class/Taekwondo:
01110752756 (Ms. Ng)

These coaches are also nationally renowned: as third-generation disciples of the late Master Robert Law and the late Master Chen Huayi, they were passed down to Segamat by Master Yeo Kok Huan, a second-generation disciple, in 2005, and have a history of 19 years. They will provide you with assistance.