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On Sunday 3rd March South Australia Combat Sports fans were treated to a another brilliant night of world class action at Adelaide Oval with the DFC Promotion Team yet again pulling together an excellent event with an amazing line up of evenly matched, talented fighters from across SA & Australia who put it all on the line for the sport they love!

The night had 13 absolutely fierce battles that kept the capacity crowd on their feet and completely entertained.
Every fighter demonstrating bravery, dedication and skill which never ceases to impress and show the depth of talent in Combat Sports and the quality of training/trainers available to help them achieve their goals. Equally impressive was the absolute respect between competitors and corners – always great to see!

As usual the DFC Team hosted an incredible, professionally run event, giving fighters an amazing platform to compete and demonstrate their ability and inspiring fortitude, at a world class venue – Adelaide Oval! DFC is definitely South Australia’s premier Combat Sports Promotion putting on SanShou, K-1 and MMA at this event.
Well matched bouts of competitors who wouldn’t take a backward step made for an exceptional night of entertainment.

Congratulations to all fighters on their amazing spirit, heart and determination regardless of the result! It goes without saying that if not for them there is no sport & their fearless efforts deserve the greatest of respect! Hard to pick a fight of the night with the event highlighted by several gutsy & explosive battles and two extremely worthy DFC title fights between highly skilled competitors determined to get the gold. Congratulations to new Champ Isaac Richards and defending Champ Tahlia Graetz.

Props to the DFC Promotion Team and all Event Staff who still managed to give Adelaide fight fans a night to remember even with several unfortunate set backs leading up to the event, including the loss of 2 highly anticipated ISKA Title fights & the return of “The Spartan” Tony Caruso to the SA fight scene.
Maybe next time!

Even with the loss of these title fights, thanks to the remaining line up of valiant competitors, DFC19 still delivered & did not disappoint, with all in attendance treated to a spectacular night of Combat Sports.
Special thanks to our professional team of Officials (both local & interstate) and Medical Staff who worked as a unit to support the integrity, fairness and safety of the event and fighters – great job team always a pleasure working with you all & thanks for your support.

Looking forward to DFC 20 which will no doubt be another massive event.

1. Daniel Guzman (SA) (79.65kg) defeated Trent Wood (SA) (79.95kg) – Unanimous Points
2. Angus Sharpe (SA) (65.8kg) defeated Patrick Brealey (SA) (65.75kg) – R2 TKO
3. Louis Joseph (SA) (70.5kg) defeated Denis Palushaj (SA) (69.95kg) – R1 Submission/Referee Stoppage
4. Anthony Lioulios (SA) (58.7kg) defeated Milad Akrami (SA) (59.9kg) – R2 Disqualification
5. Zac Tregambe-Borlace (SA) (83.55kg) defeated Brian Muller (SA) (83.6kg) – Unanimous Points
6. Connor Wright (SA) (65.5kg) defeated Christian Tseregounes (SA) (65.15kg) – R1 TKO
7. Sadiq Asifi (SA) (64kg) vs Michael Curry (SA) (63.9) – Draw
8. Rohullah Qarabagh (SA) (65.55kg) defeated Abdul Muhammad (SA) (65.75kg) – R2 Submission
9. Harry Bennett (SA) (79kg) defeated Caiden Blanchard (SA) (79.5) – R2 TKO
10. Jed Dale (SA) (66kg) defeated Cam Sinclair (SA) (65.9kg) – R1 Submission
11. Josh Watkins (SA) (65.5kg) defeated Antonio Cesaro (SA) (65.3kg) – Unanimous Points
12. Tahlia Graetz (SA) (56.35kg) defeated Kim Tran (Vic) (55.8kg) DFC Title – R3 TKO/Referee Stoppage
13. Isaac Richards (SA) (103.8kg) defeated Alex Matheson (SA) (112.5kg) DFC Title – R1 TKO
ISKA SA Report: Shane Kokotis