ISKA New Zealand Results | Grand Master Philip

ISKA New Zealand Results

Auckland, New Zealand 20th May 2023 Grand Master Philip Lam presented a Kickboxing and Muay Thai event featuring ISKA title fights at the Barfoot & Thompson Stadium celebrate the 48th Anniversary of City Lee Gar. Grand Master Lam founded City Lee Gar in 1975 originally teaching Kung Fu, he imported Thai coaches and offered Muay thai classes, his gym was the catalyst for the growth of Kickboxing and Muay Thai in New Zealand. Lee Gar produced ISKA World Champion and K-1 Legend Ray Sefo, the roots of Lee Gar can be traced the current UFC Middleweight Champion Israel Adasanya who was in attendance at the event.

ISKA Cadet Elite Amateur South Pacific Title 70kg OR
Leah Trego (New Zealand) vs Luke Fraser (Australia)
Winner and New Champion Like Fraser Dec. 3-0

ISKA Women’s Pro New Zealand Super-feather title 59kg MT
Wendy Talbot (City Kickboxing) vs Waitohu Tumahkuki (Spartan)
Winner and New Champion Wendy Talbot Dec. 3-0
ISKA Elite Amateur North Island Middleweight title 75kg MT
Jerome Pascua (Ghost Fist) vs Max Bates (Taniwha MT)
Winner and New Champion Jerome Pascua Dec. 3-0