ISKA Japan Results | NARIAGARI Vol.2

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Osaka, Japan 3rd September 2023 Kouzi Tanaka and Satoshi Hoshino presented NARIAGARI Vol.2 Streamed live on featuring ISKA Intercontinental Championship Kickboxing. Mo Abdurahman (England) faced Jin Hirayama (Japan) to contest the vacant ISKA Intercontinental Welterweight title 67kg K-1 Rules. The first was round was close possibly edged by Hirayama in the second Abdurahman stepped up a gear and knocked Hirayama down with a right hook he got up on unsteady legs. In the third round Abdurahman connected with an uppercut to score a second knockdown, Hirayama beat the count, but his legs failed him when Abdurahman slammed in a middle kick dropping him again, the referee had seen enough and stopped the match at TKO victory for the new ISKA Intercontinental Champion Mo Abdurahman.