ISKA France results | RING OUT Challenge 6

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ISKA France results

Reyrieux, France 1st June 2024 FCO presented RING OUT Challenge 6 featuring ISKA Intercontinental Championship Kickboxing at the Jean Compagnon College Stadium. ISKA European Champion Nicolas Rivas (France) faced Naoki Ishikawa (Japan) for the ISKA Intercontinental flyweight title 53.5kg K-1 Rules, Rivas had a good a start and scored a knockdown in the second round but near the end of the third round Ishikawa caught Rivas with a knee to head knocking him out and taking the Championship belt. ISKA Women’s European Champion Marine Bigey (France) faced Nao Morita (Japan) for the ISKA Women’s Intercontinental Atomweight title 48kg, it was a closely fought contest with both women giving their all, Bigey won by split decision to take the title.