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ISKA Cambodia Results
Phnom Penh, Cambodia 6th April 2024 Bayon Boxing TV in association with GANZBERG German Premium Beer presented IDOL KUN KHMER featuring ISKA Championship fights under Kun Khmer rules, an open-air event at the Ngoun Pich pagoda in Khon Kombol. IDOL KUN KHMER attracted over 12,000 spectators and was broadcast live on Bayon TV.

ISKA Asian Middleweight title 75kg
Sen Chanritkun def. Sinan Cagala dec. 3-0
ISKA Asian L/welterweight title 65kg
Ponsawan JR def. Ali Asgar dec. 3-0
ISKA Asian Featherweight title 57kg
Bun Sotha def. Umar Red Wolves dec. 3-0