ISKA Australia Results | KNEES OF FURY 88

ISKA Australia Results

Adelaide, Australia 18th March 2023 The Netball SA Stadium hosted KNEES OF FURY 88 featuring ISKA Intercontinental and State Championship Kickboxing and Muay Thai. Matthew Stevens (Australia) defeated Kendal Karakurt (Turkey) by unanimous decision winning the ISKA Intercontinental Super-welterweight title 70kg OR.

Ben Millington (Southside MT) defeated Jason Scott (Pinky’s) by split decision to take ISKA South Australia State Welterweight Muay Thai title 67kg and Manoli Kambouris (Kachina) defeated Ben Callopy (Forged Warriors) by split decision to capture the ISKA South Australia State Middleweight Muay Thai title 75kg.