ISKA Argentina Results | DFN 42 (Devil Fight Night)

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ISKA Argentina Results

Buenos Aires, Argentina 18th February 2024, DFN 42 (Devil Fight Night) featuring ISKA National Championship kickboxing and Muay Thai was staged at the Atletico Atlanta Sports Club. ISKA Champion Santiago Percival defeated Walter Caldas stopping him in the third round to retain his ISKA Argentine Lightweight title 61kg K-1 Rules. ISKA Champion Leonardo Oliveira was defeated by the challenger Angel Bauza who took the ISKA Argentine Middleweight Muay Thai title 75kg by unanimous decision.

ISKA Argentine Lightweight title 61kg K-1 Rules
Santiago Percival vs Walter Caldas
Winner and Still Champion Santiago Percival TKO R3
ISKA Argentine Middleweight title 75kg MT
Leonardo Oliveira vs Angel Bauza
Winner and New Champion Angel Bauza Dec. 3-0