Hill vs. Di Vara Decision Changed to No-Contest Based on Protest Resolution

Hill-vs.-Vara-decision-Changed-to-No-Contest-based-on-Protest-Resolution 2

The official bout result of the ISKA World Super-welterweight title held on 25th March, between Josh Hill (England) and Lorenzo Di Vara (Italy) has been change from a unanimous decision victory for Lorenzo Di Vara to a No Contest.  For more information, please see details below.


Submitted by Kevin Harper on behalf of fighter, Josh Hill

Pursuant to the following bout:

ISKA World Super-welterweight title 70Kg MT

Josh Hill (England) vs Lorenzo Di Vara (Italy)

25th March 2023, Milan, Italy

Ringside Result: Unanimous decision in favor of Lorenzo Di Vara (49-47, 49-47, 49-47)

Official Formal Protest – Josh Hill v Lisandro Di Vara ISKA Title defense 25.03.23


Dear Mr. Nichols,

Please find our objections to the aforementioned bout concerning….



The ISKA scoring criteria scores each bout on a round by round basis. We knew the Italian ISKA federation would score each round individually as confirmed by the head judges and referees in the rules meeting. Our plan was to start by making a statement and Josh to set the pace and hurt Di Vara in round 1. Josh put so much pressure on Lisandro in round 1 and hurt him towards the end of the round with leg kicks and body punches that showed huge effect. The Italian officials changed the rest time for the first round from 1 minute to 1 minute 37 seconds to allow the home fighter to recover following a blistering start by Josh. The remainder of the rounds where Di Vara was not in as much trouble were timed to 1 minute exactly…

Yours sincerely

Kevin Harper



ISKA sanctions title bouts globally, often at events supervised by State and/or National Governing Bodies or Approved Federations. FFKMDA in France, FEKM in Spain or the different State Athletic Commissions in the U.S. are examples. These governing bodies appoint and supervise the officials and are responsible for all official decisions. However, ISKA retains the right to review and overrule decisions if it is proven that ISKA Rules have been violated.


The Hill vs Di Vara title match was regulated by the Italian Federation FIGHT1 who appointed and supervised the officials.

The relevant point of this protest relates to a misapplication of the rules concerning timekeeping, in particular the length or the rest periods. ISKA Rules state that Muay Thai World title matches shall be contested over 5 x 3 minutes rounds with a 1-minute rest period in between rounds.

Upon review of the unedited video of the Hill vs Di Vara title match it is clear and incontrovertible that the timekeeping was not correct. The rest period after round one was 1:37 and the following rest periods ranged between 1:26 and 1:30.

Due to this clear misapplication of the rules that reasonably impacted the nature of the contest, the ISKA Rules Committee finds in favor of the protest as presented and declares the Hill vs Di Vara title match a no-contest.  The decision announced at ringside is rendered null and void.

FIGHT1 agreed that their officials were at fault and will be subject to disciplinary action including a suspension of up to 6 months. FIGHT1 also agreed that future ISKA title fights in Italy may require independent supervision controlled by ISKA.

Pertaining to the Title:

Since the Hill vs Di Vara title match has now been declared a no-contest and considering that the defending champion, Hill failed to make the championships weight of 70.4 kg according to ISKA Regulations, the ISKA World Super-welterweight title 70Kg MT remains vacant.

ISKA will work with all parties to ensure a new Champion is crowned at the earliest opportunity and remains prepared to act with vigilance to continue to the ensure the safe, fair, and transparent administration and regulation of all ISKA sanctioned bouts.