DFC at Adelaide Oval was yet again an excellent, action packed event

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DFC at Adelaide Oval was yet again an excellent, action packed event with an amazing line up of well matched talented fighters who put it all on the line for the sport they love! Their bravery, dedication and skill never ceases to impress and show the depth of talent in Combat Sports in South Australia and across Australia. With the DFC Team and Promoters giving them an amazing platform to compete and demonstrate their ability and incredible fortitude, on an awesomely run event at a world class venue Adelaide Oval! Congratulations to all fighters on your amazing spirit and determination regardless of the result! With out you there is no sport! And congratulations to the 2 DFC title winners!! A very special thanks to our professional team of Officials and Medical Staff who work as a unit to support the integrity, fairness and safety of the event and fighters. Thank you for your dedication and support for what is a tough job with a lot of pressure – but we all luv. Your contribution make it possible for combat sports competitions to happen 🙏🏻

On behalf of our team of Officials I would like to say thank you to all the fighters and trainers who expressed their appreciation for our teams efforts – it is greatly appreciated. The respect shown always reminds us why we keep doing what we do and we hope to continue to maintain your trust and the privilege we have of serving the sport.
Event report & results to be released shortly.
ISKA SA – Shane Kokotis