Argentina Results – ISKA Championship Kickboxing

Lujan de Cuyo, Mendoza, Argentina 6th November 2022 FFG (Fight for Glory) featured ISKA Championship Kickboxing. Mariana Jofre (The Warriors) defeated Jorgelina Bascur (Alto Impacto) by knockout close to the end of the first round capturing the ISKA Pro Women’s Argentine Supeflyweight title 53.5kg K-1 Rules. Jose Felicione (Puma Ryu) faced Leandro Cansinos (Team Martinez) for the ISKA Pro Argentine Featherweight title 57kg FR, Felicione retired after the first round, a TKO victory for the New Champion Leandro Cansinos.

ISKA Pro Women’s Argentine title 53.5kg K-1 Rules
Jorgelina Bascur (Alto Impacto) vs Mariana Jofre (Warriors)
Winner and New Champion Mariana Jofre KO R1 2:50

ISKA Pro Argentine Featherweight title 57kg FR
Jose Felicione (Puma Ryu) vs Leandro Cansinos (Martinez)
Winner and New Champion Leandro Cancino TKO R1 3:00