Alhamdullilah golden champion championship is done

Alhamdullilah golden champion championship is done
Aska Mansoura Martial Arts
Friday, 2 / 2020 at the stadiums of Amal Egypt Club
In Mansoura city _Dakahlia
When I participated in the championship, 100 players and players representing 30 clubs and Academy of Martial Arts

  • called out the railroad
  •  Club of Nasiriyah
  • Call out the light
  • Asia Academy of Martial Arts
  • tigers academy of combat games
  • Friends Academy
  •  Limitless Sports Academy
  • **Heroes Self Defense Academy
  • Egyptian Eagles Academy for Self Defense

The championship was completed in a beautiful competition atmosphere.
Praise be to God and we wish everyone who participated with us good luck and reward in the upcoming international championships
Managing and organizing the event Captain Mohamed Hajaj
President of Aska Dakahlia and member of the executive office
ASKA Egypt national team coach
Greetings to Hamada Abdul Ghani ISKA Egypt