ISKA France | RING OUT Challenge 5

ISKA France: RING OUT Challenge 5 FCO (Fight Centre One) will present RING OUT Challenge 5 featuring ISKA European Championship Kickboxing Saturday 3rd June 2023 at the Jean Campagnon Stadium in Reyrieux, France. Nicolas Rivas (France) will face Javier Cecilio (Spain) to contest the ISKA European Flyweight title 53.5kg K-1 Rules and Marine Bigey (France) […]

Iska result | Pandemonium caberra

Pandemonium Canberra ISKA Results – Bailey Williams vs Suliasi Latu winner 3-0 Suliasi – Timothy McNamara vs Gary Poland winner 3-0 Gary – Tyson Martin vs Scott Denholm winner Tyson and new amateur K1 Australian Champion 60k – Mathew Audesho vs Blake Travers Winner 3-0 Mathew – Ben Belfield vs Nicky Tran winner via KO […]

ISKA Germany Results | ISKA Germany Results

ISKA Germany Results Ebersbach, Germany 6th May 2023 The Richard Hirschman Stadium hosted MAXIMUS FIGHTNIGHT II featuring ISKA German Championship Kickboxing. Valentin Knau (Exit Asia, Freiburg) defeated Daniel Mark (KA Esslingen) by unanimous decision to take the ISKA Semi-Pro German Super-middleweight title 78kg K-1 Rules

ISKA Ireland Results | FIGHTING SPIRIT Kickboxing League

ISKA Ireland Results Clane, Co Kildare, Ireland 29th April 2023 Dawid Blaszke presented FIGHTING SPIRIT Kickboxing League featuring ISKA Irish Championship Kickboxing at the Clane G.A.A. Conor McBearty (Rath Mor Warriors) defeated Cathal Dunne (Naas KB) by unanimous decision winning the ISKA Elite Amateur Irish Welterweight title 67kg K-1 Rules. Eimear Darcy (Compound MA) faced […]


ISKA UK Results Shrewsbury, England UK 29th April 2023 JBS Promotions presented WAR of the WARRIORS 5 featuring ISKA European and National Championship Elite Amateur and Semi-Pro Kickboxing. Shakeel Hussain (England) faced Tejay Bacon (England) for the vacant ISKA Elite Amateur European Lightweight title 61kg FC, Bacon sustained a knee injury in the second round […]

ISKA Any Given Weekend

ISKA Any Given Weekend This weekend the ISKA will sanction/regulate 20 events in 12 countries on 4 continents featuring ISKA World, National and Regional title fights.

ISKA Italy Results | RING WAR 8 featuring ISKA European Championship Muay Thai

ISKA Italy Results Sesto San Giovanni, Italy 6th May 2023 Diego Calzolari presented RING WAR 8 featuring ISKA European Championship Muay Thai at the Palazzetto Dante Falck. Lenny Blasi (Italy) defeated ISKA European Champion Pelayo Ventoso (Spain) by TKO in the third round, connecting with an elbow that opened a nasty cut over Ventoso’s right […]

ISKA France Results | La Nuit Des Nos Etoiles

ISKA France Results Yvetot, Normandy France 13th May 2023 Les Wallabies presented La Nuit Des Nos Etoiles Featuring ISKA World Championship Kickboxing at the Salle Nicolas Vanier. Alan Berube (France) defeated Rudy Mendes (Portugal) by knockout in the sixth round to capture the ISKA Interim World Welterweight title 67kg FC.