The ISKA Colorado Amateur Muay Thai Championship Tournament

The ISKA Colorado Amateur Muay Thai Championship Tournament was a record- breaking success. Under the supervision of ISKA State Director Oscar Martinez, the number of competitors nearly doubled.


to every participant. The divisional tournament state champions are listed below. Pictures will follow soon!

2022 Tournament WINNERS
Youth M 10-11yrs 67.1-72 Novice CHAMPION Yoan Delgado
Youth M 10-11yrs 50.1-55 Novice CHAMPION Silas Ames
Youth 6-7yrs 45.1-50 Novice CHAMPION Yusef Qureshi
Youth 15-17 112.1-117 Novice CHAMPION Malachi Arellano
Youth 12-14 102.1-107 Novice CHAMPION Colin Fitzgerald
Youth 12-14 87.1-92 Novice CHAMPION KaSean Thao
Youth 15-17 147.1-153 Novice CHAMPION Matthew Lalone
Youth 15-17 165.1-172 CHAMPION George Reider
Youth 12-14 97.1-102 Novice CHAMPION Kiera Miles
Adult Female 112.1-117 Novice Emily Allport
Adult Female 112.1-117 Open CHAMPION Tawnie Packard
Adult Female 127.1-132 Novice CHAMPION Airlie Anderson
Adult Female 117.1-122 Novice CHAMPION Ali Hill
Adult Female 137.1-142 Novice CHAMPION Madison Wickham
Adult Female 179.1-186 Novice CHAMPION Keiyana Ebbs
Adult Male 122.1-127 Novice CHAMPION Jorge Machado
Adult Male 142.1-147 Novice CHAMPION Caleb Leyva
Adult Male 165.1-172 Novice CHAMPION Isiah Wright
Adult Male 186.1-195 Novice CHAMPION Etienne Devilliers
Adult Male 215+ Novice CHAMPION Brent Campbell
Adult Male 195.1-205 Novice CHAMPION Erik Caffee
Adult Male 132.1- 137 Novice CHAMPION Triston Harrison
Adult Male 137.1-142 Novice CHAMPION Nitesh Shrestha
Adult Male 132.1-137 Open CHAMPION Anthony Castillo
Adult Male 137.1.-142 Open CHAMPION Timothy Kelly
Adult Male 142.1-147 Novice CHAMPION Samuel Henriquez
Adult Male 147.1-153 Novice CHAMPION Ryan Grieshop
Adult Male 153.1-159 Novice CHAMPION Michael Lucky
Adult Male 147.1-153 Open CHAMPION Gerard Melendez
Adult Male 153.1-159 Open CHAMPION Ricardo Pena
Adult Male 172.1-179 Novice CHAMPION Jake Kleffman
Adult Male 159.1-165 Novice CHAMPION Mark Steinke
Adult Male 179.1-186 Novice CHAMPION Stephen Pipal
Adult Male 142.1-147 A CLASS CHAMPION Brandon Winn
Adult Male 159.1-165 B CLASS CHAMPION Mike Schultz
Adult Male 149.1-156 A CLASS CHAMPION Christopher Lalone
Adult Male 153.1-159 B CLASS CHAMPION Darius Murchison