The Arena 3 Results

Noticia 3
Milan, Italy 27th March 2021 after three previous postponements The Arena 3 finally happened over a year from when the first date was announce thanks to the perseverance of promoters Laura Scherini and Marco Re. The Arena 3 was staged behind closed doors at the MGM Milan with support from the Region of Lombardy. Roberto Gheorghita (San Marino) defeated Mehdi Larbi (France) by unanimous decision to capture the vacant ISKA World Light-welterweight title 65kg the ISKA title match will be broadcast on Italian on National TV RAI Sport.

The Arena 3 Results :

ISKA Light-welterweight World Title 65kg 5×3
Roberto Gheorghita def. Mehdi Larbi Dec. 3-0
62kg Fight Code Rules 3×3
Roberto Oliva def. Fabrizio Ruggero Dec. 3-0
70kg Selections for Oktagon Fight Code Rules 5×3
Nicolas Novati def. Gianmarco Aireti Dec. 3-0
72kg Thai Fight Code Rules 3×3
Lorenzo Di Vara def. Igli Skurti KO R2
68kg Fight Code Rules 3×3
Alex Ajuasta def. Matteo Taccini Dec. 3-0
77kg Fight Code Rules 3×3
Andrea Festa def. Andrea Rizzi Dec. 3-0
53kg Fight Code Rules 3×3
Gloria Peritore def. Sonia Dinh Dec. 3-0
80kg Fight Code Rules 3×3
Roberto Sacco def. Nica Mihail Dec. 2-1
75kg Sanda 3×3′
Andrea Franzese def. Dario Cipolla Dec. 3-0
68kg Thai Fight Code Rules 3×3
Hakim Bah def. Federico Sanguineri by unanimous decision
72kg Thai Fight Code Rules 3×3
Gerardo Luperini def. Michele Pennacchietti by KO R2
54kg Fight Code Rules 3×3
Simona Di Dio Martello def. Sissi Cangese Dec. 3-0
71kg Sanda 3×3
Fabio Gjoni def. Luigi Dello Iacono abandon R2
60kg Fight Code Rules 3×3
Paolo Cannito def. Andrea Sorrentino Dec. 3-0