THE ARENA 3 (limited edition)

Noticia The Arena 3 Results limited edition


It becomes difficult to summarize in a few words a concentration of emotions like last night at MGM in Milan where The Arena, a unique limited edition of its kind, was staged. Thanks are due to all those who supported our organization in an event that we strongly wanted, in which we strongly believed and which finds its deepest roots in #nevergiveup. All the matches were a concentrate of adrenaline, strength and honor.
The athletes who competed in the ring in the midst of those fantastic ropes that for a long time had not seen our athletes as protagonists, the Masters who managed to prepare the fighters despite the difficulties and limitations imposed by the legislation, to the technical sponsor # leone1947 and the other sponsors who have sold us for more than a year since the previous edition was scheduled and to all those who, from behind the scenes, have contributed their precious work for the success of the event.
In detail, thanks to @ fight1 we will tell you about all the matches and soon you will see them broadcast on RAI channels, but there are two matches that characterized the evening.
The ISKA world championship won by Roberto Titano Gheorghita, which took place after 5 shooting shots, crowning a preparation for the world championship that lasted over a year, with a series of unfavorable vicissitudes …
And the match of Nicolas Novati, a guy who made his PRO debut at The Arena 2 and who last night in 5 shots of pure physical strength, adrenaline, blows and responses against an excellent Gian Marco Aireti unanimously won the Oktagon Fight Code selection for the -70kg category. Honor to Nicolas and your opponent for the wonderful match you made us proud of! #FiwuK #ISKA Laura TheQueen Scherini Carlo Di Blasi Francesco Migliaccio Fight1 Daniele Leone Daniele Perfigli Guido Colombo Giorgio Petrosyan Armen Petrosyan Iuri Lapicus Bruno Botindari Manuele Raini Milo Raini Gloria Peritore Igli Shkurti Alfonso De Vito Roberto Robben Sacco Alex Ajouatsa Lorenzo Di Vara Andrea Festa Fabrizio Pongo Andrea Festa Ruggiero Oliva Roberto Matteo Taccini Andrea Rizzi Diego Calzolari Armando Carvelli The Arena UF Infant David Hakim Bah Federico Sanguineri Simone Benedettini Gerardo Luperini Filippo Marras Michele Pennacchietti Sissy Caggese Mirafiori Kombat Giannelli Fabio Simona Di Dio Hammer Paolo Cannıto Graziano Lassandro Andrea Sorrentino Luca Guerrieri Roberto Stefani Roberto Marinotti Elena Russu Alessandro Meda