Ask any hard core Kickboxing fan what fight they want to see and most will answer Takeru vs Tenshin so when Takeru turned up ringside to watch Tenshin fight on RIZIN 26 it caused a stir of excitement and when Takeru’s face appeared in the arena video screens the crowd cheered loudly.

Between them, Takeru who has won K-1 WGP’s in three weight divisions and Tenshin RISE, RIZIN and ISKA World Champion have resurrected Kickboxing in Japan, Tenshin is directly responsible for getting Kickboxing back on prime time Fuji TV.
In his post-fight victory speech Tenshin thanked Takeru for showing up and as he left the ring they greeted each over and exchanged a few words. Takeru did a media interview saying ‘I am disappointed that the match (with Tenshin) has not been realized so I will change it with my intention and determination to realize it next year’ he added ‘I have to be a K-1 champion, and Tenshin is a RISE/RIZIN Champion we need a neutral ring neither RIZIN nor K-1 I want to make a neutral ring and do it there. Takeru invited Tenshin to watch his next fight (against Leona Petas) on K’FESTA 4 on 24th January.
In response Tenshin said ‘I want to go if I have no plans’ he went on to say he was glad that Takeru was ringside for the first time, it’s a step forward the whole world feels it.

Mr Nobuyuki Sakakibara the CEO of RIZIN announce at RIZIN 26 that official discussions with K-1 top management are ongoing and reaching the point to hopefully realise the Tenshin match. It doesn’t have to be a RIZIN ring. Everyone in the martial arts world will join hands, including Tenshin’s sponsor Cygames and many others. I think it should be shaped with the understanding and cooperation of all of us. “

K-1 producer Mr Takumi Nakamura later tweeted, “Thank you Takeru. I will do my best as K-1 positively so that the fans’ dream cards can be realized.”