Roc & Battle of the Millenium Results


Busy year for Lou Neglia’s promotion. Four shows done, six more to go in 2022.

With the successful completion of my past two shows this past week, this makes my 250th promotion to date! I humbled by the success of these shows and it only happens because of hardwork, the great fight camps and their great fighters that constantly participate in my shows. My staff, New Jersey Athetlic Commission, the New York Athletic Commission, ISKA, and the great fans that consistently pack the arenas. None of this is possible without all of them and I truly thank them from the bottom of my heart. As a fighter, the martial arts have been like a mistress to me. As a promoter, I am excited about my present shows as I was when I did my very first one. There is no greater joy than helping fighters pursue their passion. I’m very happy to see talented ROC fighters go on to fight in the UFC! I’m very happy that talented kickboxers in local shows have fought on my events at the greatest arena in the world, Madison Square Garden. And that was before the pandemic started where I promoted 10 events at the Madison Square Garden. Now that the pandemic is starting to subside, I’m looking at doing another MSG show before the end of the year. These shows are always HUGE!.

When does it end? It will NEVER end because the passion from my very first show is still there at my current shows. I love what I do. The support from all of you makes it all worth it. Thank you all!!!

See below for results from May 14th and May 20th.
Upcoming Schedule:
July 16th / $10K Grappling Tournament at the Space in Westbury, Long Island
September 9th / ROC 77 returns to the Tropicana Showroom with professional MMA
September 24 / Kickboxing and amateur MMA at the Space in Westbury, Long Island


ROC Results May 20, 2022
Austin Coleman vs Steve Hyun Lee; Coleman wins SD
Christopher Guariglia vs Brett Pastore; Pastore wins UD
Kelvin Sterling vs Michael Fitzroy; Ruled NC due to accidental eye poke
Calogero Torretta vs Ricardo Jimenez; Split Draw
Anthony DiLemme vs John Caldone; Dilemma wins via KO
Kareem Kline vs AT McCowin; McCowin wins UD
Armando Gjetja vs Cristian Lopez; Gjetja wins UD
Kasheem Peterson vs James Drago; Drago wins TKO
Cedric Gunnison vs Nick Rodrigues; Gunnison wins TKO
Battle of the Millennium Results May 14, 2022:
Cecile Jimenez vs Melissa Balic AM KB; Winner Balic via UD
Dilovar Balaev vs. Domenico Sansalone AM KB; Winner Balaev TKO
Alec Farjuharson vs. Everton Champagine AM KB; Winner Champagine TKO
Mardon Hakimov vs. Antoine Chaput AM MMA; Winner Chaput UD
Jeevanie Lilah vs. Ann Serra AM KB; Winner Serra UD
Menchen Chazin vs. Jacob Martin AM MMA; Winner Martin TKO
Rogers Ramirez vs. Zackary Lowe AM MMA; Winner KO
Delano Ali Matthews vs. Elijah Sampson AM MMA; Winner Sampson Unanimous
Anthony Schleicher vs. Akeem Sanford AM KB; Winner Schleicher Unanimous
Dejon Francis vs. Hossam Hayaty AM KB; Winner Francis KO
Rafael Santos vs. Gilbert Rosario AM KB; Winner Santos Unanimous
Tyrese Cunningham vs. Darryl Campbell AM KB; Winner Cunningham Unanimous
Zurabi Gavashelashvili vs. Sterling Brown AM KB; Winner Gavashelashvili TKO
Marcus Pullock vs. Kris Anders AM KB; Winner Anders Split
Salah Eddine vs. Ryan Sipavicius AM KB; Winner Sipavicius By DQ