The event had a total of 8 fights, 5 official fights and 3 exhibition matches of K-1 & MuayThai.

With the main event being a regional ISKA amateur title fight.

Results of the official ISKA sanctioned fights :

Diego Rojas (Siam Nai Muay Thai) vs Leonel Conde (Kraken Army).

Winner: Leonel Conde in the second round by TKO (Diego Rojas corner threw in the towel).

Francisco Briones (Siam Nai Muay Thai) vs Aaron Velazquez (Kraken Army).

Winner: Francisco Briones by unanimous decision.

Tito Tavizon (Nak Muay Ban) vs Mauricio Rodríguez (Kraken Army).

Winner: Mauricio Rodríguez by unanimous decision.

Oscar Rodriguez (Nak Muay Ban) vs Jaime Emilio (Kraken Army).

Result: This fight ended in a draw (There was an accidental knee to the low area by Oscar Rodríguez and Jaime Emilio could not recover, the result of the judges gave a tie in the sum of points).

ISKA youth regional amateur championship fight – K-1 (central zone).

Cesar Rodríguez (Nak Muay Ban) vs Jonathan Jiménez (Rude Side Fight Team).

Winner: César Rodríguez by unanimous decisión.