Report on the Coaches and Fighters helping citizens in Brazil during the COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis

Report on the Coaches and Fighters helping citizens in Brazil during the COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis


During the Covid -19 Pandemic Virus Crisis, ISKA fighters and Coaches in Southern Brazil had the opportunity to Work with those most in need of help with food and First Aid, not because of the strength of the disease, but because of the charity and sentiment of human condescension. Mestre Kim Nicolau, the Director of ISKA in the State of Parana brought together fighters and Masters, and collected food and First Aid, that was distributed among the most needy in their cities.

Outstanding fighters in Brazil with Anderson Boyka, one of the best known ISKA fighters in Brazil and other fighters participated in this activity, which for some time helped these less fortunate people to survive in the Pandemic World, where they are deprived of work and gain their livelihood. In many third-world countries there is no Unemployment Insurance, no Health Care System which work properly, and hospitals with the minimum structure make this type of help unnecessary.

We are grateful to ISKA members in southern Brazil for their sensibility and desire to serve that they may have given to these people who need it so much. ISKA is not only a fighting entity but also a Martial Arts family fully integrated with the communities in the locations where they live. This gesture of great citizenship has always been encouraged by ISKA America Latina and ISKA World.

Our leadership in that region of the world, still participates in activities during Christmas time, bringing gifts to underprivileged children, and in emergencies such as the COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis. During this historic illness, ISKA members chose not to stand with their arms crossed and took action. In many areas in the countryside, where the Covid-19 Pandamic Virus, has not arrived, but poverty and hunger have arrived, which is certainly killing even more than the Pandemic Crisis.

We hope that with this gesture we can give an example to a lot that has the power to make a difference and really help on a much larger scale and contribute so that times like this end and we return to normal as soon as possible and our events shine again everywhere in the World .