Kuwait ISKA Championship was a success.


The ISKA championship of Kuwait was completed successfully and the championship was dedicated to talents, efforts and skill of the competitors.

We are appreciative that the performance of the organizers and the judges and the coaches were impressive and classy.
There were very strong talents and this is a proof of the good strong and intensive training by the coaches who were creative with us yesterday with good creativity and superior treatment. We are all grateful and grateful.
I would like to thank the executive director of the organization Eska Kuwait, the sister, Sherin Om Youssef, for his great effort to succeed the championship.

And the best coaches who were on the way in coordinating with the coaches and them:
– Captain Mahmoud محمود فايز المازني
– Captain Ahmed Abu Salim
– Captain Youssef Hossam
– Captain Yahya Hossam

I have nothing but thanks and gratitude.