ISKA UK: CFS 6 Results

London, England UK 6th November 2021 Rory Crawford presented CFS 6 to a capacity crowd at Fairfield Halls featuring ISKA World, European and British title fights. Dylan Burke (England) defeated Jose Fernandez (Spain) by unanimous decision to capture the ISKA World Super-featherweight Muay Thai title 59kg. Charles Sikwa (Wales) defeated Reon Wong (England) by unanimous decision in an extra round to take the ISKA European Cruiserweight title 88.5kg K-1 Rules and Ashley Baldwin (Nomads) defeated Richard Keeler (Thaitanz) by unanimous decision to win the ISKA British Middleweight Muay Thai title 75kg. Former World Champions Bernise Alldis and David Mejia made successful returns both winning unanimous decisions.
ISKA World Super-featherweight title 59kg MT
Jose Fernandez (Spain) vs Dylan Burke (England)
Winner and New Champion Dylan Burke Dec. 3-0
ISKA European Cruiserweight title 88.5kg K-1 Rules
Charles sikwa (Wales) vs Reon Wong (England)
Winner and New Champion Charles sikwa Dec. 3-0
ISKA British Middleweight title 75kg MT
Richard Keeler (Thaitanz) vs Ashley Baldwin (Nomads)
Winner and New Champion Ashley Baldwin Dec. 3-0
Muay Thai 5×3
60kg Bernise Alldis def. Laura De Blas Dec. 3-0
58kg Mario Alvarez def. Reece Thompson Dec. 3-0
K-1 Rules 3×3
65kg David Mejia def. Andy Turland Dec. 3-0
+100kg Rhys Brudenell def. Kofi Marshall TKO R1
Muay Thai 5×3:
72.5kg Victor Martin def. Kieran Peart Dec. 3-0
63.5kg Liam griffin def. Shaq Davies TKO R2
ISKA Semi-Pro English title 67kg K-1 Rules:
Farren Church vs Lukas ha
Winner and New Champion Farren Church TKO R2
3×3 K-1 Rules:
70kg Paul Dash def. Marcus Stephenson TKO R1
Muay Thai 5×2:
52.5kg Alex Rose def. Maria Jose Dec. 3-0
3×3 K-1 Rules:
68kg Dominic James def. Silvano Santagata TKO R3