Due to the diligent efforts of our dedicated network of National Directors, Promoters, Officials, Coaches and Gyms and their passionate commitment to advancing our sport by creating opportunities for our amazing athletes, we’ve managed even under Covid Restrictions to sanction 18 championship bouts so far in 2021. Congratulations All!

10th January 2021

Chongqing, China
ISKA Elite Amateur World title 70kg MT
Yang Guannan (China) vs Luo Tianyi (China)
Winner and New Champion Yang Guannan decision

7th February 2021

Buenos Aires, Argentina
ISKA Argentine National title Semi-pro 57kg MT
Santiago Lalane vs Franco Carballal
Winner and New Champion Santiago Lalane decision
ISKA Argentine National title Semi-pro 61kg MT
Rodrigo Bogado vs Carlos Garavagno
Winner and New Champion Rodrigo Bogado decision

21st February 2021

Chapelle Lez Herlaimont, Belgium
ISKA Women’s European Featherweight title 57kg K-1 Rules
Helene Connart (Belgium) vs Ella Grapperhaus (Netherlands)
Winner and New Champion Ella Grapperhaus decision
ISKA Women’s Semi-pro Intercontinental title 52kg MT
Thalya Culot (Belgium) vs Sabah Chergui (Algeria)
Winner and New Champion Thalya Culot TKO R1

27th March 2021

Milan, Italy
ISKA World Light-welterweight title 65kg K-1 Rules
Roberto Gheorghita (San Marino) vs Jeremy Monteiro (France)
Winner and New Champion Roberto Gheorghita decision

27th March 2021

Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, Africa
ISKA Côte d’Ivoire National title Pro 72.5kg K-1 Rules
Dao Kader (Adamantium BC) vs Irigo Joel (IVF)
Winner and New Champion Dao Kader TKO R2

27th March 2021

Perth, Australia
ISKA Western Australia State title 67kg MT
Jamie Drage (Legends Gym) vs Jack Briggs (Monsters MT)
Winner and New Champion Jamie Drage decision
ISKA Women’s Western Australia State title 61kg MT
Jess Seery (Country MT) vs Sharayah Lee-Berecz (Sunset MT)
Winner and New Champion Jess Seery decision

28th March 2021

Brussels, Belgium
ISKA Women’s European Super-Featherweight title 59kg K-1 Rules
Helene Connart (Belgium) vs Nina Van Dalum (Netherlands)
Winner and New Champion Helene Connart decision
ISKA European Super- middleweight title 78kg K-1 Rules
Ismail Ayaadi (Belgium) vs Damian Ori (Netherlands)
Winner and New Champion Ismail Ayaadi decision

11th April 2021

Brussels, Belgium
ISKA World Light-middleweight title 72.5kg MT
Arman Hambaryan (Belgium) vs Alejandro Carrasco (Holland)
Winner and New Champion Arman Hambaryan decision
ISKA World Lightweight title 61kg K-1 Rules
Hicham Moujtahid (Belgium) vs Safouane Riani (Holland)
Winner and New Champion Hicham Moujtahid decision
ISKA European Straw-weight title 50.5kg K-1 Rules
Oumaima Arhou (Belgium) vs Juliette Lacroix (France)
Winner and New Champion Oumaima Arhou decision

24th April 2021

Ponferrada, Spain
ISKA European Bantamweight title 55kg MT
Fred Cordeiro (Portugal) vs Mikel Fernandez (Spain)
Winner and New Champion Fred Cordeiro KO R1

24th April 2021

Christchurch, New Zealand
ISKA Women’s South Island title 57kg MT
Tammi Murphy (Proactive) vs Sara Jarden (Lee Gar)
Winner and still Champion Tammi Murphy TKO R1
ISKA South Island title 85kg MT
Noah Shepherd (Fight Science) vs Alan Murray (Lee Gar)
Winner and New Champion Noah Shepherd decision

1st May 2021

Tianjin, China
ISKA Elite Amateur Chinese National title 59kg K-1 Rules
Guo Jiewei (Quanshengshidai FC) vs Wang He (Jutao FC)
Winner and New Champion Guo Jiewei decision


Best Regards

Paul Hennessy
President ISKA Europe