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ISKA Scotland Results

Glasgow, Scotland 26th August 2023 John O’Brien presented MTB Scotland featuring ISKA World Championship Muay Thai at the ON-X Sports Centre in Linwood. ISKA European and Intercontinental Champion Lee MacKay (Scotland) faced ISKA World Champion Alex Ajouatsa (Cameroon) for his ISKA World Welterweight Muay Thai title 67kg. MacKay started with his usual relentless pace pushing forward putting the champion on his back foot, Ajouatsa countered with heavy punches and low kicks. MacKay’s most effective weapon was his front kick/teep it kept Ajouatsa off balance unable to load up his punch kick counters, in the second round MacKay began to follow his front kicks with long knees and Ajouatsa had no answer, just into the last minute of the round Mackay stepped in with a long knee straight down the middle Ajouatsa folded like a deck chair unable to beat the count. MacKay takes the ISKA World Welterweight Muay Thai title with a KO victory.