Edolo, Italy 10th July 2021 Alberto Citroni and Paolo Blam presented ANTARES FIGHT NIGHT featuring three ISKA World Championship fights. Lander Ripodas (Spain) defeated Salvotore Castro (Italy) in the fourth round when Salvotore abandoned the match due to a cut, Ripodas wins by TKO and takes the ISKA World Super-featherweight title 59kg OR back to Spain. Alex Ajouatsa (Italy) defeated Jamal Wahib (France) by unanimous decision capturing the ISKA World Welterweight Muay Thai title 67kg and Luca D’Isanto (Italy) stopped Hamid Najafi (Germany) in the third round with low kicks to take the ISKA World Super-lightweight title 63.5kg OR. The main card was broadcast on VALLI TV.