ISKA is Proud To Sanction PROPOINT.

We encourage everyone to support this project.

PROPOINT Fighting presents and highlights exciting simulated stand-up combat by means of hand and foot strikes demonstrating high level fighting skills, spirit and extraordinary athleticism.

Bouts are scheduled for a maximum of three (3) Ninety-second rounds with the first fighter who wins two rounds advancing to the next stage of the tournament.

Three judges will award points to determine who wins each round by majority vote. Points will be “scored” on either a standing or downed opponent only when a fighter maintains focus on the target, lands a legal, individual strike with allowable contact, retracts their weapons, remains standing and returns to an effective fighting posture.

Point Awards for Scoring Techniques:

Hand Strike to the Body 1 Point
Non-Spinning Kick to the Body 1 Point
Spinning Kick to the Body 2 Points
Non-Spinning Kick to the Head 2 Points
Sweep followed by Hand Strike 2 Points
Spinning Kick to the Head 3 Points

The Referee is the sole arbiter of the bout and may warn, penalize or disqualify a fighter for fouling actions including but not limited to blind, wild or uncontrolled techniques, failing to face the opponent, illegal contact or failing to remain in bounds.

To Watch PROPOINT on Saturday, Dec 12th at 7PM EST:

1.Go to to sign up for the PPV
2. Scroll down to “New and Trending” & click on the event
3. Register for the event and enter ISKA as our coupon and save $5