ISKA: International Nile Championship

Boxing – Kickboxing (Fall Contact)

August 25-27, 2021

Location: University of Rabat in Khartoum – Sudan

Organizer Dr. Ismael Halawa

Princes sports club

Supervision of the Sudanese Union of Muay Tai

Championship instructions

– Semi professional championship

The player has not participated in more than 2 official matches.

– Championship weights (60k, 63.5k 67k 71k

Age is over 17 years old

– Free residence for participants

– The participant bears the costs of transportation from Khartoum (flight or ground)

– The number of participants per country is 6 players

To participate, please send the following

– Passport photo

A photo in fight mode

Weight, tooth and height

Game type (Kickboxing – Boxing)

– Riccord (number of professional matches)

Send my Whatsapp + 201117785666

Greetings Hamada Abdulghani ISKA Egypt