ISKA Germany Results

Grevenbroich, Germany, 25th November 2023 the Martial Arts Centre Grevenbroich presented CLASH OF GLADIATORS III featuring ISKA Women’s World Championship Muay Thai at the Elephant Dome. Victorie Bulinova (Czech Republic) defeated Atenea Flores (Germany) by unanimous decision to take the ISKA Women’s World Bantamweight Muay thai title 55kg. On the supporting card Nabil Rabaibi Cherti (Bujin Gym) and Ehsan Molai (Tai Kien) both captured ISKA German National titles. The whole card was streamed live on, photos courtesy of Burkhard Zager BZ Photography.
ISKA Women’s World Bantamweight title 55kg MT:
Atenea Flores (Germany) vs Victorie Bulinova (Czech Republic)
Winner and New Champion Victorie Bulinova Dec. 3-0
ISKA Pro German National title 88.5kg K-1 Rules:
Nabil Rabaibi Cherti vs Bastian Fücker
Winner and New Champion Nabil Rabaibi Cherti Dec. 3-0
ISKA Semi-pro German National title 81.5kg K-1 Rules
Ehsan Molai vs Mohammad Hafe
Winner and New Champion Ehsan Molai Dec. 3-0