ISKA Flourishes Across Asia Under Leadership of National Directors

Ahmed Ferradji Defends World Title Against Tenshin Nakukawa at RIZIN 16 on June 2nd, Sanctioned by ISKA
May 8, 2019
Pictures and Results from GLORY 65 Utrecht
May 20, 2019

ISKA Flourishes Across Asia Under Leadership of National Directors

May 14th, 2019 Asia – ISKA’s influence has been felt across Asia, in countries such as China, Japan, Malaysia, Mongolia, and Borneo, thanks to the efforts of our network of National Directors and Coordinators. Events, both professional and amateur, have been held in many disciplines like K-1, Sanda, MMA, and sport martial arts. See below for brief bios of our leaders in Asia.

ISKA Japan Mr. Toshimitsu Nakasaki 

Mr. Nakasaki has been a member of the ISKA for many years working solely in the Professional division and has worked with all the leading Japanese fight sport brands, K-1 WGP, Krush, RISE, Rebels, HEAT, Hoost Cup and RIZIN FF. Mr. Nakasaki also worked with Japan’s oldest Kickboxing group AKJF (All Japan Kickboxing Federation) and he currently has a working relationship with NKJF (New Japan Kickboxing Federation). Mr. Nakasaki is also developing an ISKA Japan amateur division with the support of Mr. Sakon Kubosaka and the Shin Karate Federation.

ISKA China Mr. Sun Chaofeng 

Mr. Sun Chaofeng launched the ISKA China Pro-Division with press conference in Beijing last October, the first ISKA professional title match in China will be staged in Shantou 25th May 2019 Qiu Jianliang (China) will face Dmitry Varets (Belarus) to contest the ISKA Intercontinental Welterweight title 67kg K-1 Rules. Sun Chaofeng has worked with leading Chinese Kickboxing brand WLF, Wu Lin Feng and GOH (Glory of Heroes) with several years’ experience in organising Professional Kickboxing.


ISKA China Jutao Zhang (Amateur Division)

Jutao Zhang launched the ISKA China Amateur Division in July last year at the China Sports Industry Investment Summit at the Beijing International Convention Centre. ISKA China Amateur Division also entered into an agreement of co-operation with CITY FIGHTING the largest amateur combat sport circuit in China. ISKA China sanctioned six Amateur CITY FIGHTING events between July and December 2018. Jutao Zhang attended the ISKA Amateur World Ring Sports Championships 2018 with an ISKA China National Team.


ISKA Mongolia Mr. Saruul-od Ulziibadrakh

Mr. Saruul-od Ulziibadrakh joined the ISKA last year. Prior to that he has enter his Mongolian Kickboxing team in the K-1 OPEN Amateur World Championships organised by ISKA Europe in Greece and Italy, he also attended the ISKA Amateur World Ring Sports Championships 2018 with an ISKA Mongolian National Team. Mr. Ulziibadrakh also has a team of professional kickboxers.


ISKA Malaysia Mr. Khoo Meng Yang

Mr. Khoo Meng Yang has been a member of the ISKA for many years. He is a Senior Referee and Master Instructor and has developed ISKA Kickboxing in Malaysia with instructor and referee courses and also sanctions and regulates national and regional amateur kickboxing and MMA events including AMA (Any Martial Art), STRIKE (Amateur Kickboxing), and EKL (Educity Combat League).

ISKA Borneo Chong Chung Yee

Mr. Chong Chung Yee has been actively involved in the development of Amateur Combat Sports in Borneo including Kickboxing, MMA and Sanda. He has promoted a series of BAC (Borneo Amateur Challenge) events and the annual BMAEX (Borneo Martial Arts Expo) Alvin also supports and sanctions regional promotions Fight Fest and STAND and helped to organise the First ISKA Kickboxing event in Brunei.

ISKA Asia Coordinator Ms. Lu Scholten

Ms. Lu Scholten was the coordinator for the first WLF Wu Lin Feng event in Europe (Germany 2011) she also coordinated GOH (Glory of Heroes) events in Spain and Switzerland, Lu speaks English, Mandarin and German.