Argentine Martin Blanco to Face Tenshin Nakukawa at RIZIN 16, Replacing Ferradgi

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Argentine Martin Blanco to Face Tenshin Nakukawa at RIZIN 16, Replacing Ferradgi

Argentine Bantamweight World Champion Martin Blanco replaces Ahmed Ferradgi against Tenshin Nakukawa at RIZIN 16 in Kobe, Japan.

ISKA has been forced to vacate the Featherweight World Title when now-former champion Ahmed Ferrradgi failed to come to terms with Rizin regarding his mandatory defense against Tenshin Nakukawa. To their credit, Rizin was more than reasonable regarding Ferradgi’s numerous requests. The terms that Rizin offered more than fulfilled the ISKA’s title defense policy and Ferradgi was fully notified that if he failed to commit to this defense, he risked having the title vacated. Despite having made a commitment to ISKA to defend against Nakukawa in Kobe, Ferradgi has demonstrated that he is clearly unwilling to fight the Japanese superstar. It is regrettable that Tenshin will now have to prepare for an entirely different opponent on relatively short notice.

Argentine World Bantamweight Champion Martin Blanco has been selected as the new opponent for Tenshin Nakukawa for the June 2nd event contesting the now vacant Featherweight World Title. Through an interpreter Blanco said:

“I am honored. I am in great shape I intend to make the most of this opportunity and bring another world title home to Argentina.”

The bout will be contested using the ABC Unified Rules of Kickboxing. ISKA President Cory Schafer was a member of the committee that authored these rules for the Association of Boxing Commissions, the North American based organization that coordinates the efforts of more than ninety governmental and tribal combat sport regulatory bodies.

ISKA intends to support the ABC Unified Rules of Kickboxing with a global branding effort. This will have a very positive impact on Kickboxing, similar to the how the ABC Unified Rules of Boxing and Unified Rules of MMA have positively impacted each sport respectively. Blanco vs. Nakukawa will be the first world title bout contested under the Unified Rules. ISKA is currently examining the viability of merging some of our other divisions into a single title under the ABC Unified Rules.