Ahmed Ferradji Defends World Title Against Tenshin Nakukawa at RIZIN 16 on June 2nd, Sanctioned by ISKA

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Ahmed Ferradji Defends World Title Against Tenshin Nakukawa at RIZIN 16 on June 2nd, Sanctioned by ISKA

May 8, 2019 – We are immensely pleased to announce the sanctioning of Ahmed Ferradji vs. Tenshin Nakukawa as an official ISKA Featherweight World Title defense. The bout will be contested at Rizin 16, scheduled to be held on June 2nd in Kobe, Japan.

Ahmed Ferradji of France earned the title in May of 2018 with a 4th round TKO victory over Yacin Moutacim of Belgium. The undefeated Japanese phenom, Tenshin Nakukawa holds an ISKA world title at bantam weight along with two Rizin world titles. We fully expect this bout, featuring two of the best young stars of our sport to be an early contender for kickboxing bout of the year.

European President and global kickboxing division coordinator Paul Hennessy will be in attendance on behalf of ISKA.

The bout will be contested using the ABC Unified Rules of Kickboxing. ISKA President, Cory Schafer was a member of the committee that authored these rules for the Association of Boxing Commissions, the North American based organization that coordinates the efforts of more than ninety governmental and tribal combat sport regulatory bodies.

The ABC Unified Rules of Kickboxing may be found here: https://www.abcboxing.com/unified-rules-kickboxing/

ISKA intends to support the ABC Unified Rules of Kickboxing with a global branding effort. This will have a very positive impact on Kickboxing, similar to the how the ABC Unified Rules of Boxing and Unified Rules of MMA have positively impacted each sport respectively. Ferradgi vs. Nakukawa will be the first world title bout contested under the Unified Rules. ISKA is currently examining the viability of merging some of our other divisions into a single title under the ABC Unified Rules.

About ISKA: Since 1986 the International Sport Kickboxing Association (ISKA) has set an unprecedented standard sanctioning and regulating combat sports and competitive martial arts events in more than eighty countries on six continents. ISKA maintains a continued commitment to training and certifying officials, updating rules and regulations, and recognizing both worthy champions and world-rated contenders in more than 25 different types of martial arts and combat sports. From Moscow’s Olympic Stadium to Queensland, Victoria, Australia; from Lausanne, Switzerland to Durban, South Africa; from the legendary Lumpini Stadium in Thailand to the Bellagio resort in Las Vegas, ISKA sanctioned events are among the world’s elite promotions and viewed by television audiences circling the globe.

About RIZIN: The year 2019 is the 5th year in the history of the Rizin Fighting Federation, a martial arts promotion based in Japan. The season started with Rizin Fighting Federation in Yokohama. It started broadcasting through a television agreement with Fuji Television. In North America and Europe Rizin FF is available on PPV all over the world and on FITE TV. RIZIN’s concept is not to integrate all the existing promotions, it is to create a platform where each promotions and fighters can compete while they keep their diverse culture, customs and characteristics.

About Association of Boxing Commissions (ABC): The mission statement of the Association of Boxing Commissions is to promote the continual improvement of, and for, professional boxing; professional and amateur mixed martial arts; and other professional and amateur unarmed combat sports (hereinafter, “combat sports”). To promote the uniformity of health and safety standards and other requirements pertaining to the conduct of combat sports events. To promote standard reporting of combat sports events between members, including results, injury reports, suspensions and other medical information. To encourage communication, cooperation and uniformity in the supervision and regulation of combat sports among the members of the ABC. To publish and disseminate medical and training information, and to promote and hold seminars for the continuing education of all officials, ringside physicians, commissioners and commission employees. To establish and operate a charitable foundation which will accept donations to a charitable fund for indigent boxers with elected officers and members of the ABC Board of Directors serving on the board of governors and as trustees of this fund. To encourage adherence to, and enforcement of, applicable federal laws by each member of the ABC.