2020 Major Title Bout Results Highlighted

Due to the Covid 19 Pandemic and restrictions on live sports events imposed worldwide, ISKA activity including title fights have been dramatically reduced by almost 90%. With many countries going back into lockdown it may be well into 2021 before activity picks up. On a positive note our National Directors and Promoters have worked hard to stage events during the pandemic when restrictions allow with limited audiences in the open air or behind closed doors giving our athletes a chance to compete, so please prepare for 2021. Additionally our Continental Directors have done a fine job reaching out and forming relationships with new industry leaders allowing us to appoint many new national directors on every continent.

25th January 2020
Brussels, Belgium
ISKA European Light-middleweight title 72.5kg OR
Arman Hambaryan (Belgium) vs Mervin Moor (Netherlands)
Winner and New Champion Arman Hambaryan unanimous decision

1st February 2020
Milan, Italy
ISKA World Super-welterweight title 70kg K-1
Giorgio Petroysan (Italy) vs Gaetan Dambo (France)
Winner and Still Champion Giorgio Petroysan unanimous decision
ISKA World Light-Cruiserweight title 85kg OR
Alexandru Negrea (Romania) vs Reda Ougdou (France)
Winner and New Champion Reda Ougdou KO round 2

8th February 2020
Antwerp, Belgium
ISKA World heavyweight title 100kg K-1
Mamoudou Keita (Guinea) vs Luis Morais (Portugal)
Winner and New Champion Mamoudou Keita unanimous decision

8th February 2020
Bilbao, Spain
ISKA World Super-welterweight title 70kg FR
Sergio Sanchez (Spain) vs Jairo Diaz (Spain)
Winner and Still Champion Sergio Sanchez unanimous decision

9th February 2020
Augsburg, Germany
ISKA Challenger Semi-pro World title 88.5kg K-1 Rules
Dominik Santl (Germany) vs Steven Mendes Furtado (France)
Winner and New Champion Dominik Santl unanimous decision

15th February 2020
Villiers sur Marne, France
ISKA European Welterweight title 67kg OR
Jeremy Montero (France) vs Killian Moullun (Belgium)
Winner and New Champion Jeremy Montero unanimous decision

15th February 2020
Cologne, Germany
ISKA Interim European Middleweight title 75kg K-1 Rules
Cihad Akipa (Germany) vs Karim Al Amri (Netherlands)
Winner and New Champion Cihad Akipa unanimous decision
ISKA Challenger Semi-pro European title 72.5kg K-1 Rules
Melvin Munusi (German) vs Fawzi Zakaria (Belgium)
Winner and New Champion Fawzi Zakaria unanimous decision

16th February 2020
Tokyo, Japan
ISKA Intercontinental Featherweight title 57kg MT
Hiroki Maeda (Japan) vs Roberto Oliva (Italy)
Winner and New Champion Roberto Oliva majority decison

22nd February 2020
Thurins, France
ISKA World Middleweight title 75kg FC
Mehdi Kada (France) vs Jai Meyrick (England)
Winner and New Champion Mehdi Kada unanimous decision
ISKA Interim World Super-welterweight title 70kg FC
Edouard Bernardou (France) vs Giorgos Koulalis (Greece)
Winner and New Champion Edouard Bernardou unanimous decision

29th February 2020
Nice, France
ISKA World Super-featherweight title 59kg FC
Jonathan Pastorino (France) vs Jan Szajko (Germany)
Winner and New Champion Jonathan Pastorino TKO round 8
ISKA World Featherweight title 57kg FC
Jerome Ardissone (France) vs Fionnbarr Thompson (Ireland)
Winner and New Champion Jerome Ardissone unanimous decision

7th March 2020
Ulm, Germany
ISKA Women’s World Light-welterweight title 65kg MT
Deniz Batinli (Turkey)
vs Nicole Zajvec (Germany)
Title fight was postponed due to injury
ISKA Interim World Super-heavyweight title +100kg K-1
Karim Jamei (Germany) vs Thomas Froschauer (Austria)
Winner and New Champion Karim Jamei unanimous decision
ISKA Challenger Semi-pro European title 78kg K-1 Rules
Hamza Sivro (Bosnia) vs Matas Miliunas (Germany)
Winner and New Champion Matas Miliunas unanimous decision
ISKA Challenger Semi-pro European title 88.5kg K-1 Rules
Daniel Zhigulin (Germany) vs Radenko Krstic (Germany)
Winner and New Champion Daniel Zhigulin TKO round 3

7th March 2020
Bordeaux, France
ISKA Interim World Super-welterweight title 67kg FC
Jean Marie Pietrezack (France) vs Nickolaj Christensen (Denmark)
Winner and New Champion Jean Marie Pietrezack majority decison
ISKA World Super-middleweight title 78kg K-1 Rules
Patrick Madisse (France) vs Mattia Solarino (Italy)
Winner and New Champion Patrick Madisse unanimous decision

1st August 2020
Ponferrada, Spain
ISKA Women’s World Atom-weight title 48kg K-1 Rules
Cristina Morales (Spain) vs Simona Di Dio Martello (Italy)
Winner and Still Champion Cristina Morales unanimous decision

29th August 2020
Rosolini, Italy
ISKA Women’s World Flyweight title 52Kg OR
Ludivine Lasnier (France) vs Gloria Peritore (Italy)
Winner and New Champion Gloria Peritore unanimous decision
ISKA Women’s World Featherweight title 57kg MT
Martine Michieletto (Italy) vs Patricia Axling (Sweden)
Winner and New Champion Martine Michieletto unanimous decision

5th September 2020
Kleszczów, Poland
ISKA World Super-Middleweight 78kg FR
Lukasz Plawecki (Poland) vs Michalis Manoli (Cyprus)
Winner and Still Champion Lukasz Plawecki unanimous decision

31st October 2020
Persan, France
ISKA Intercontinental Heavyweight title 100 Kg FR
Fabrice Gnedre (France) vs Samad Butt (Belgium)
Winner and New Champion Fabrice Gnedre TKO round 2
ISKA Intercontinental Super-welterweight title 70 Kg FR
Sylvain Moreau (France) vs Soufian El Hammouchi (Morrocco)
Winner and New Champion Soufian El Hammouchi Fabrice Gnedre TKO round 2