2019 Pan American Championships Results

Diego Carbone, Chief of Security for the Argentinian Vice President, Wins ISKA Championship
January 5, 2020
Bolivia Wins Five Gold Medals in ISKA Pan American Championships
January 6, 2020

2019 Pan American Championships Results

The 2019 ISKA Pan American Championship was held in the Taekwondo Olympic Arena in Sao Vicenslau, Rio de Janeiro City. Over 600 competitors participated in the tournament. The participation of Mexico, Trinidad & Tobago, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Argentina made this one of the best events of the year in Brazil.

There was also a professional fight. The Pan American Legends title fight (full contact, -78kg) was won by Altacestes Batista, a famous local fighter and reporter for Brazil’s biggest network. He later met with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro. Diego Carbone, the Chief of Security for the newly elected Argentinian Vice President, also won a championship (low kick, -88kg).

It was a spectacular event with many prestigious martial artists participating. 2020 will bring even more great events to Latin America, sanctioned and regulated by ISKA, worldwide leaders in insuring safety and fairness.

Professional Pan American Full Contact 78 kg Legends Masters Title
1st Place: Altaceste Baptista Filho
2nd Place: Fernando Martín Nuñez (Argentina)

Men Full Contact 87kg
1st Place: Diogo O. Carmo (CBLAM Brazil)

Men Low Kicks 65kg
1st Place: Edwin Montaño (Bolivia)
2nd Place: Lucas Cotrin (CBLAM/RJ)

Men Low Kicks 72kg
1st Place: Barush Garcia (México)
2nd Place: Marcio Cupertino (CBLAM/RJ)

Men Low Kicks 88kg
1st Place: Diego Martín Carbone (Argentina)
2nd Place: Max Melchior CBLAM/RJ

Men Low Kick 66kg
1st Place Roberta Quadros (CBLAM RJ)
2nd Place: Lucia Montenegro (ARGENTINA)

Men Kick Light 94kg
1st Place: Marcos Cavalheiro Jr CBLAM/RS
2nd Place: Danilo Rodrigues CBLAM/SP

Men Full Contact 71kg
1st Place: Pablo Sangueza Bezerra (Bolivia)

Women Low Kick 56 kg
1st Place: Jackeline de Oliveira (ISKA PARANA)
2nd Place: Rini khoudari (Colômbia)

Women Low Kicks Absolute
1st Place: Tamara Leorde (CBLAM/RJ)
2nd Place: Valeria Torres (Argentina)

Women Forms
Adult Traditional Forms – Black Belts
1st Place: Jim Joo Kang (ISKA Bolivia)

Adult Free Style Forms – Black Belts
1st Place: Yasmin Dias (CBLAM Brazil)

All Children in All categories received prizes