Women’s World Championship Kickboxing

The Women’s ISKA Atom-weight World Kickboxing title under Full Contact rules was contested in Dijon, France by MariaKrivoshapkina (Russia) and Melanie Bony (France).Maria has a 10-2-0 pro record and 120-30-0 amator record. She is WAKO amateur European and world champion in freestyle kickboxing. Melanie has a 24-6-0 pro record, she is French and European champion in Savate.



The story started dramatically for Maria, her trainer and corner man had a personal matter that didn’t let him come to France. Unfortunately it happened 2 days before the show so the Russian federation was not able to get a VISA for a replacant... Maria still decided to come despite not being able to talk French or English! The promoter of the show Emmanuel De Lamper (President of the Bourgogne League inside the FFSCDA) found an interpreter for Maria.

To show his support to Maria's very unusual and uncomfortable situation, ISKA France President, Alan Kermorvan decided to corner the Russian fighter himself with help from French trainer Severine Haas and Dany Coquet both.

Since ISKA France doesn’t judge the fights, it was not a problem. In France, the official judges and referees have all their diplomas and are recognized by French government. The official French federation FFSCDA take care about all the combat sports shows judgements. And usually the decisions are very fair. All the 4 last ISKA titles in France were won by the foreigner fighter and by decision!


During the fight Maria showed her skills especially with her punches. She didn’t use that many the kicks. The corner men were asking her to kick the minimum 6 kicks she had to score in every round. Maria was hurt on a knee so the kicks were pretty difficult for her.

Melanie showed her very good kicking technics, technics she brings from French Savate! Also Melanie showed tons of heart and a true warrior mentality being most of the time the aggressor and going forward all the time while Maria was often circling around the French fighter and scoring effective counterpunches.


During the 10 rounds of this title fight, the battle was intense with Maria having her superior boxing skills scoring the more damaging points. Maria was concerned that she never did 10 rounds in the past so she smartly economized her stamina by a great foot work circling around the French warrior Melanie scoring more points with her punches than Melanie with her superior kicking technics. Melanie event beaten in the last rounds tried until the last moment to go forward and create a brawl between the 2 warriors. Maria intelligently countered Melanie very often and entered the brawl sometimes too. Most of the rounds were scored for Maria for her clear points. Melanie probably won 2 rounds and some others were draw. At the end of the fight Maria won a unanimous decision. And the Russian fighter became for the first time ISKA World Champion in Professional rank. Both the fighters show their mutual respect and some very nice and emotion human qualities. Melanie announced in front of her public that this fight was her last one.


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